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Otis Zanders, President & CEO with Kedar Hickman, Program Manager


There is a lost generation of young men in our community. They’ve grown up impoverished and without fathers, they’ve dropped out of school, they’ve never held a decent job, they’ve become involved in drugs and violence, and they’ve already been to jail more than once. Without effective intervention, their prospects are dim, but we know that change is possible. Please join us in working with this marginalized population for a better future for them, their families and our community!

Ujamaa Place’s mission is to empower young Black men (ages 18-30) to change their behavior through redefining their concepts of themselves, manhood, success and positive community values. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Ujamaa Place offers these young men success in their lives through education and skills training specifically aimed at turning their lives around to become productive members of their families and communities. Ujamaa Place is not a holding place, but a place of new beginnings and transition. Graduates continue to successfully hold jobs and are enrolled in job training programs in which they gain the skills necessary to secure high skill jobs with benefits.



Ujamaa Place men are strong, responsible, educated, employed, prosperous men who contribute positively to their families and their community.

Informational sessions are held daily upon request.

Orientation is held each Wednesday at 10:00am. If you are in need of our services, please contact us at (651) 528-8006. Should we miss your call, please leave a message with your name and telephone number. We will return your call as soon as possible!


Nonprofits to Know™: Ujamaa Place from Jeff Achen Videography on Vimeo.


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