Securing employment for the transformative journey

Most of the men who come to Ujamaa Place are unemployed or underemployed and have not held a consistent job due to instability or incarceration. Ujamaa Place helps its participants prepare to enter the workforce and retain jobs through program activities, services, support, and job certification training. Ujamaa Place launched a unique effort in 2018, Film Class at Ujamaa Place, taught by area professionals, to teach the fundamentals of Film Production. Ujamaa Men who demonstrate proficiency are hired to do small film production jobs in the community.

Specific employment services provided include:

  • In-house interviews with employment partners
  • Mock interviewing
  • Cover letter and resume building
  • Topic discussions
  • Guest speakers
  • Employment partner tours
  • Job certification training
  • Job fair visits
  • Job application assistance
  • Transportation assistance to get to and from interviews
  • Reference letters
  • Professional attire for interview and miscellaneous expense support

Learn more about the dedicated partners helping Ujamaa Men secure employment below: