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When a Ujamaa man enrolls, chances are he is unemployed, homeless, and has a connection to the criminal justice system. Some come from the foster care system. Some struggle with addiction or come from multi-generational, systemic poverty. Because of these factors, the Ujamaa man often finds himself living on the margins of society. Without judgment, Ujamaa Place meets Ujamaa men where they’re at to begin the work of transformation.

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Ujamaa Place is in the Business of Transformation!

Ujamaa Place is focused on disrupting poverty and combating racist systems for African American men ages 18-30. Founded in 2010, Ujamaa Place is in the business of transforming lives through participation in its Theory of TransformationTM logic model.

We invite you to join an information session every Wednesday at 10:00 am for brotherhood, stability, and personal success.

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