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When a Ujamaa man enrolls, chances are he is unemployed, homeless, and has a connection to the criminal justice system (the ladder often being the barrier to employment and stable housing). Ujamaa men test at a 4th – 8th grade reading, writing and math academic level at the time of enrollment and demonstrate deficiency in basic skills. 17% come from the foster care system. Because of these factors, you typically find Ujamaa men living on the margins of society. He may struggle with addiction. He comes from multi-generational,  systemic poverty. Without judgment, Ujamaa Place meets Ujamaa men where they’re at, and so, the transformation work begins.


Ujamaa Place, in its advocacy mission for social justice, is focused on disrupting poverty and combating racist systems, which threaten the health and welfare of the population it serves, African American men ages 18-30. Ujamaa Place serves on the front lines of the war on injustice by helping Ujamaa men navigate systemic poverty and racism, the criminal justice system, homelessness and unemployment. Founded in 2010, Ujamaa Place has been   in the business of transforming lives for over ten years. Through participation in its trademarked Theory of TransformationTM (ToT) logic model, Ujamaa men achieve brotherhood, stability, and personal success. We invite you to join an information session, which we hold every Wednesday at 10:30am. Please complete the form below to receive additional information. A Ujamaa coach will reach out to you within 48 hours to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

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