Dr. Rosilyn Carroll

Education Coach

Dr. Carroll is the founder and CEO of the Institute of Culture, Learning & Leadership. The Institute provides professional development, research and information about culture, learning and leadership. Dr. Carroll retired from Hamline University as the Academic Director of the Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching in July 2011. She has developed a pluralized curriculum, coached teachers in reading and other content areas, mentored and taught graduate-level education courses for over 15 years. Dr. Carroll has been a member of the Minnesota state testing committees and served as a book reviewer. She has been recognized as a Who’s Who in America, an Ambassador for Peace in the Middle East and an educational leader locally and nationally. Dr. Carroll is also an educational consultant who has developed and taught various graduate and undergraduate courses at universities throughout the United States and internationally. She has developed training modules and written the Afterword in “Why Culture Matters” by Donna Tileston and Sandra Darling.