Education Coach

Reports Directly To: Chief of Operations


Education Coach works one-on-one with participants enrolled in the Ujamaa Place Theory of Transformation with a special focus on education planning, education readiness, and employment/job placement.  The Education Coach serves as an initial point of contact to program participants seeking assistance around acquiring educational advancement, financial  and career support. S/he provides initial educational & needs assessments, ongoing support, education coaching, case management, referral services to program participants to assist them in meeting individual education and career goals.

The Education Coach is responsible to provide Ujamaa Participants with:

  • appropriate education training through high context coaching relationships,
  • providing primary source support and encouragement,
  • tracking and holding participants accountable for progress toward program outcomes,
  • teaching some curriculum modules,
  • assisting with participant goal setting, and
  • assisting in securing outside resources when needed 
  • provide crisis intervention when required.


  1. Case Management
  2. Coach a caseload of Ujamaa Place participants.
  3. Maintain a professional communicative coaching relationship with participants.
  4. Participate in a motivated and success oriented environment for both staff and participants.
  5. Plan and execute special activities and events with staff and participants as necessary.
  6. Work with other organizations staff to raise awareness of Ujamaa Place.
  7. Organize and report accurate case management data and information to the Program Manager upon request.
  8. Meet with other coaches to discuss participant progress and/or concerns.
  9. Perform all other tasks and duties as assigned by the Program Manager/management team.
  10. Maintain emotional control under stress. Some travel (home/work program visits) is required in coaching situations; occasional prolonged and irregular hours.
  11. Be willing to work flexible hours.
  12. Able to write succinct incident reports and objective case notes.
  13. Strong communication skills.


Performs other tasks as assigned.

Special Knowledge/Skills:

  1. Demonstrated ability to work successfully with African-American males within the Ujamaa Place age demographic.
  2. Strong organizational skills.
  3. Knowledge of African-American culture, traditions and history.
  4. Class facilitation skills.


  1. Must have experience working with disadvantaged populations and/or young people.
  2. Must have  a Bachelor’s Degree in education preferred.
  3. At least five (5) years related field experience.
  4. Background in education, social service, psychology, sociology, and/or human services.

Desired Personal Qualities:

  1. Self-discipline and motivation.
  2. knowledge of and experience in developing curricula and lesson plans
  3. Experience working with clients who have experienced trauma.
  4. Ability to work independently and as a team.
  5. Good classroom management skills
  6. Good written and oral communication skills.