The inequalities that have existed for Black people in the U.S. for over 400 years reached a boiling point in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. The world witnessed Mr. Floyd plead for his life while Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, pressed his knee into Mr. Floyd’s neck for nine minutes. Mr. Floyd’s death made the world stop and take a serious look at racial injustice in this country and the urgent need for criminal justice and police reform. An estimated 15-26 million protestors took to the streets to proclaim that “Black Lives Matter”, making it the largest civil rights movement in history. The world remains on edge questioning whether the current justice system can achieve #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd by convicting the police officers responsible for his death.

ABMS Episode 21, Saturday 4/24/21:  A Black Man’s Sketch The State v. Derek Chauvin | The Verdict is the final episode of a special 4-part series covering the trial of the century.  Episode 21 begins with the audio statement from Ujamaa Place CEO Otis Zanders released after the verdict convicting former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin on all three counts of murder: second degree murder, third degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.  Mr. Zanders statement is followed by a discussion with Ujamaa men Ryan Delaney and Cedric Smith, reflecting on their feelings after hearing the verdict and share their thoughts on how they will they, as Black men, move forward from here.

ABMS Episode 20, Saturday 4/17/21: Monday, April 19th, jurors in The State v. Derek Chauvin trial will hear closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense, while the world awaits the verdict.  Ujamaa Wellness coach Darnell leads this week’s update with two Ujamaa Men, Cedric Smith and “OJ” Anderson, joined by Housing coach Gary-El and CEO Otis Zanders.

ABMS Episode 19, Saturday 4/10/21: Otis Zanders welcomes special guest Mr. Melvin Whitfield Carter, Jr. who served 28 years as a Saint Paul police officer, joined by Ujamaa men Cedric Smith and Ryan Delaney and Ujamaa coaches Darnell Baker and Kenneth Gary-El.  

ABMS Episode 18, Saturday 4/3/21: Ujamaa men Cedric Smith and Melvin Holmes discuss how the killing of Mr. Floyd impacted them with Ujamaa Coach Darnell and CEO Otis Zanders.  

About A Black Man’s Sketch

“A Black Man’s Sketch” is a podcast produced at Ujamaa Place in celebration of 10 years of honoring the transformation stories, culture and heritage of the men we serve! To listen to all episodes of  “A Black Man’s Sketch” click here .