Twin Cities Communities of Practice (TCCoP)

Community partners

Ujamaa Place leadership and coaches understand there are many systemic roadblocks that exist that are beyond their control. Navigational resources and tools are critical through partnerships with corporations, healthcare providers, policy makers, law enforcement, clergy and the community. Without these alliances, these programs are not sustainable over time and result in repeated chronic bouts of homelessness, joblessness and criminal justice system involvement.

About TCCoP

The TCCoP exists to design an African American culturally based system for community development, wealth accumulation and financial independence to ensure a prosperous future for African American children and their heirs.

TCCoP partners bring tangible and intangible gifts which will be honored and appreciated equally; partners support each other in need and encourage and serve each other, as our ancestors have, with humility and love, building a strong foundation for the TCCoP.

The TCCoP framework is based on a covenant to develop a healthy relationship between African American led partner organizations who serve African American communities through transformational and inspirational cultural understandings.

  • Increase financial literacy and asset building education in the community, build capacity and consensus between African American led organizations
  • Create a more cohesive network of African American leaders in the field of economic development, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Create bridges between other culturally specific economic development leaders and organizations on a local and national level.

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