PowerHour Review: Andres Gomez

power hour logoI am an assistant professor at the Animal Science and Food Science and Nutrition Departments, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Originally from Medellin, Colombia, where I got my BSc and MSc, I came to the states in 2010 to pursue a PhD. After living in Illinois and California, I got to the UMN where I have my own lab. The scope of my teaching and research focuses on microbes, and how the microbes that live in our bodies, a.k.a our microbiome, plays a role in our health, from how we digest food, to how we prevent (or facilitate) diseases. I have experienced microbiome research from multiple angles, working in different environments and with diverse animal species and human populations around the world. The broad implications of my research touch on many different issues, including mental health, prevention of chronic diseases, sustainability and social justice, among others. Apart from my job, I love music, food, travel, physical activity, reading and being a dad to a beautiful 8 year old girl.