Juneteenth Commemoration 2021

#Juneteenth2021 #HopeIsOurSuperPower 

Juneteenth Commemoration 2021 film honors victims of racial lynching, known and unknown, featuring national and local community leaders: Civil Rights leader Dr. Josie R. Johnson, Equal Justice Initiative Founder, Bryan Stevenson, MN Humanities Center CEO Kevin Lindsey, MN Humanities Center CEO, retired Saint Paul Public School Principal Theresa Neal, and legendary Civil Rights leader, Dr. Bernard Lafayette.  The film includes an introduction by Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter.

Juneteenth Commemoration 2021, in partnership with Saint Paul Public Library, Ujamaa Place, City of Saint Paul and the MN Humanities Center, takes you on a journey with Dr. Josie R. Johnson and the men of Ujamaa Place to the Equal Justice Initiative’s National Memorial for Peace and Justice and Legacy Museum to confront our nation’s history of slavery and lynching where 4,400 African American victims of lynching are documented.  OMG Media Solutions founder, Monique Linder, produced the film, which draws a straight line to the lynchings of Black men and women still occurring in our society today.  Juneteeth Commemoration 2021 is a tribute to the victims of lynching, known and unknown, and a reminder that our work towards Justice, Freedom, Equality and Peace is far from over.  We learn in the film from great community leaders that love,  hope and nonviolence is the way forward in the spirit of the ancestors enslaved in the United States of America.  

Thank you to all the community leaders around the world who continue to fight for justice, equality and peace for marginalized members of society.